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Cold Hard Tangible Results

$7.19 CPL
13% conv. rate

($99/mo subscription)

This client is a big name in the eCommerce, crypto, and stock market space. We cracked the code and used YouTube and search ads to bring in hundreds of leads at a $7.19 CPL.

$85 CPL
2.31% conv. rate

($1,250+ service price)

This lead generation client was looking for a predictable and profitable method of bringing qualified candidates to their service. We have been able to consistently provide a CPL under $100 for a service that costs over $1,250. 

$46.8k → $452k In
14 Days

(a 9.67x ROAS)

After crafting the perfect Google Ads action plan for this client, we were able to achieve a 9.67x ROAS and generate over $450,000 in 14 days.

Before Klick:

After Klick:

From 1.16x ROAS
to 8.75x ROAS

(In Under 1 Month)

This medical device company had tried everything to get their Google Ads profitable. From May 24- June 15, they achieved a 1.16 ROAS. After implementing the Klick campaign strategy, we brought their ROAS to 8.75…in under one month.

Note: this client was counting each click as a conversion. Conv. value was accurate.

$10.7k → $95.5k In

(a 8.95x ROAS)

This UK-based alcohol shop came to us with the inability to scale their Google Ads. In our second month, we nearly achieve $100k in sales at a 8.95x ROAS.

$17.6k → $86.4k
In 30 Days

(4.91x ROAS)

This apparel company was looking for a consistent and profitable results from Google Ads. We took over their account and were able to achieve a 4.91x ROAS in our first month.

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How Will You Benefit?

Hit Your Targets, Consistently

Google Ads is the most consistent and scalable advertising channel in 2022. If you do not have a proper Google Ads strategy, you are leaving qualified leads for your competitors to capture.

Stop Wearing All the Hats

Lead generation through paid ads is a full-time job in itself. Take one thing off your plate and get back to focusing on growing your business with new offers and products.

We Will Double Your Inbound Lead Volume in 90 Days...or You Don't Pay

Marketing agencies no longer appeal to businesses because, let’s face it, they don’t produce results. As a token of our trust, we guarantee that we will double your inbound lead volume in 90 days…or You Don’t Pay.

Our 4-Part Google Ads Monopoly Process

*Hint: It involves absolutely zero “ninja hacks” or “secret tricks”...

Account Analysis

Our team of experts will do a deep-dive review of the ad account, market landscape, and competitors. This will provide a performance baseline and inform us how to forecast for the future.

Craft a Customized Action Plan

We will deliver a comprehensive action plan showcasing how we will consistently grow your Google Ads account month-over-month.

Build a Predictable Lead Printing Machine

We will implement our paid ads lead generation strategies that guarantee predictable, qualified, and consistent inbound leads.

Collect Data. Optimize. Scale.

Utilizing both historic and new campaign data, we will make data-driven decisions on how to grow your account and increase your qualified lead volume.

Frequently Asked


Let’s be honest. We run lead generation ads, we don’t make miracles. Anyone that says they can help anyone is simply lying.

However, we know who our ideal client is. This is why we require all our prospective clients to book a PPC Growth Session so we can take a detailed look inside their account and determine if we can help. If we don’t think we’re a good fit – we will let you know. This allows us to have some of the highest success rates in the industry.

No, we do not. We firmly believe in the value of choice for our clients, and typically we’ve found by not focusing on locking clients into a contract but instead delivering the best results and overall experience possible, our client retention rate has only increased.

Having said that, we do still strongly recommend our clients to trust the process and not expect an overnight success. In any business, expecting instant results is a recipe for disaster, and long-term thinking always trumps short-term.

The prerequisites that we ensure all brands have before the become a Klick client are:

A strong proof of concept.
During our deep diagnosis we get a grasp of your proof of concept by looking at what your current monthly lead volumes look like as well as your lead quality.

Product-market fit.
We cannot profitably market a product to someone who simply doesn’t want said product. 

High service quality and customer experience. 
Whilst we can get people to buy essentially anything, we firmly and strongly take a moral standpoint against making people buy a product we wouldn’t otherwise buy ourselves given we were the ideal customer. We want to do good, and we only want to be a part of this if we know buyers will be truly happy after buying your products.

Culture fit 
We always look at clients as partners for years to come. We always ensure that our team along with your team are genuinely going to have deep and meaningful relationships throughout the long-term partnership. Ultimately we don’t care how much we’re being paid – if our values don’t align and we feel a client is acting in an immoral way then we can’t work with them. 

We’ve helped brands across a huge variety of industries and we’ve seen great results in each of them. 

The reason your Paid Ads did not work previously could be for a number of reasons: account setup, conversion tracking, improper bidding, or lack of clear strategy.

We work with a limited number of clients so we can focus 100% of our energy on producing them with incredible results. Because we work with a specific type of client who meets our prerequisites, we know this will work. When issues arise, we therefore don’t just give up and think “oh well, we’ll just sign another client”. We keep grinding, problem-solving, assessing – until we get it right and deliver the results we promised.

I’ll be upfront: We aren’t the cheapest agency out there. You can 100% find a cheaper agency out there.

But what you won’t find is an agency who can provide more value than us.
You see, we’re different. Most agencies are what we call “volume agencies”. They scale horizontally, signing as many clients as possible, with their core mission being “how can we sign more clients than we lose?” 
At Klick, we’re different. We limit our client counts and choose to scale vertically, by increasing the value that we provide to our clients, and in turn the value we receive. 

As an example, if we can add $300k/month to one business, we’ll get paid a lot more than if we can add $30k/month to 4 brands. This way we’re happier, the client is happier as results are through the roof, everyone wins. We always value quality over quantity, and we are a true performance partner in this respect.

But ultimately, this is your choice, and you should 100% go with the option that you feel is right for you. 

All we can say is this. If you truly want a heavy-hitter in your corner who will do everything in their power to produce the best results possible instead of sitting back and doing the bare minimum to obtain their retainer each month, then we are the partners for you.

We don’t focus too much on size of company, but rather on their current situation and whether the organization fits our prerequisites.  

We’ve helped smaller clients go from 25 to 250 qualified leads per month, but have also helped larger clients go from 5,000 to 10,000 leads per month.
If you have the key prerequisites as listed above, are unhappy with your current results, and want to scale your lead generation efforts… all with an incredible guarantee, then book a call with us today.

Schedule Your PPC Growth Session Today

By the end of this PPC Growth Session, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to get generate consistent qualified leads month-over-month.

Find a time on our calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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